Dr. Sandra Yosha

Sandra Yosha, PhD, DVM, graduated in 1986 from Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine and has been in private practice in small animals since graduation. Although originally from Indiana, Dr. Yosha attended graduate school in Florida (Florida Institute of Technology and University of Florida) and has been a resident of Florida for many years prior to moving to the Tampa Bay area in 2006.  Her background includes training as a marine biologist/aquatic animal veterinarian, working with fish owners and koi hobbyists all over the world. Dr. Yosha has two children, a daughter who completed medical school in 2012 and will be a pediatrician and a son who is currently an undergraduate student in physics at Colorado State University. Dr. Yosha had many different kinds of pets sharing her home at different times in her life, but currently has one dog and two cats.  Her hobbies include singing (karaoke), line dancing, traveling, and spending time with her animal and human friends.

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